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We’ll handle your data entry service in Flushing & Flint, MI

Owning a business is challenging, especially when you’re handling everything on your own. Hiring a virtual assistant can ease your stress and lighten your workload on a daily basis. Accelerated Solutions LLC will pair you with a virtual assistant in the Flushing & Flint, MI area. From data entry service to proofreading, our services are designed to help you with all your business’s administrative needs.

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What can we do for you?

Accelerated Solutions wants to help you and your business in any way we can. With a virtual assistant, you’ll have an extra set of hands and eyes on all of your work to move things along effectively.

Our services include…..

  • Creating and publishing posts for social media platforms.
  • Proofreading internal and external documents.
  • Handling your customer service calls and emails.
  • Entering data into digital systems for full recordsw.
  • Appointment management
  • Email composition
  • Dictation service